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Electrical Discharge Machining in Toronto

Call us on 905-604-3563

SL E.D.M. provides electrical discharge machining for a wide range of purposes. Get in touch!

Based in Toronto, we are a trusted name in the EDM field.

What is Wire EDM?

Wire EDM is a metal cutting method that uses electrical discharge machining to give shapes to metal parts.

A traveling wire is used to disintegrate material in a controlled manner.

The EDM wire is used as an electrode, precisely arcing with the part to be cut, facilitating the creation of a desired shape or form. Call SL E.D.M. for expert metal cutting!

Different applications for various industries

Machine parts we create:
  • Mold components
  • Punches
  • Dies
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures
  • And other machinery parts

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Precision EDM Parts and Components

SL E.D.M. can produce a wide range of parts that have complex shapes and contours which are difficult to machine using conventional methods.

From stainless steel and aluminum to brass and titanium, we can wire-cut a number of alloys using electrical discharge machining. Whatever your requirements, we can create components with extremely tight tolerance properties, be it within .0005 down to .0002 inches.

Creating complex shapes whatever your needs

Electrical Discharge Machining Mississaugu

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